Digital News Article

22/02/2016 11:16am

2015 was a year of change for TVF Digital. With some saddening departures came some exciting arrivals, as the New Year came and went so did a period of real transition.

The very capable has Robert James joined our ranks as the new head honcho of Post-Production and Digital. As a producer, director, editor and creative with experience in broadcast, film, commercial, corporate and digital markets who has been working in London for the past 10 years having moved from New York, he brings with him a wealth of expertise, not to mention an impressive list of clients including such big-hitters as Sky Sports, BBC Worldwide, Sony Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, Vice, Coke, Vodafone, Becks, Visa, Nike, L’Oreal, among others.

Amongst the new additions we welcome James Harris as a new account manager. James is a skilled communicator who has already built considerably solid relationships with clients current, past and future. James is a multi-skilled team member, however. He’s a producer and account manager with a journalistic background at the BBC. He has a particular set of skills; – much like Liam Neeson – a combined knack for creativity, research and storytelling, and has used them producing award winning shorts and feature documentaries such as Last Shop Standing.

In the realm of Digital we've spent the last few months working on a range of projects with a vast array of clients. We have been working with Open Creative Communications for Hodder Education and Rising Stars for a while now to build the Assessment Bank; an innovative bespoke test builder for the new primary curriculum. The Assessment Bank’s intuitive instant search function allows users to refine their search by keywords or filters, making it simple to choose from thousands of questions written by curriculum and assessment experts.

Currently the Assessment Bank contains questions covering mathematics and grammar, punctuation and spelling, with science questions coming late Spring 2016, but will ultimately expand its content to span across the entire curriculum. The ajax heavy web application has online preview functionality with tests rendered on the fly to enable users to perfect their own professional looking tests. Once users have selected questions, they then have the option to export the completed test to a word or pdf document, or share it using the unique community sharing function with auto-generated mark schemes.

We also just delivered an iOS app for a pharmaceutical client, with a flat, contemporary design, fluid animations and pop-ups, it told the value story of their product with simplicity, clarity, and intuitive functionality.
Our designers, Myriam, Ben and Marjana, have also had a busy and successful period, with Ben in particular recently designing a poster for the upcoming David Attenborough series, Wild City, for TVF International that will be heading to Cannes. We are also in the process of delivering a brand new website to Caffe Clifton with a great new art deco look and super cool functionality, courtesy of the multi-talented Myriam, which our super-developers Alan and Shamil will get to work realising in the near future.

We all agree at Digital that the start to 2016 bodes very well for its remainder - here’s to a creative and prosperous new year!